Step 5

This is perhaps the trickiest part, and it is essential to do it in as dust free environment as you can.

First, prepare the filter.

You need to cut a rectangle of 21mm by 18mm  (0.83” x 0.71”)

IMG_0001 IMG_0002

it doesn’t have to be amazingly exact, as long as it covers the sensor it should be fine.

Try to keep the cover on the filter for as long as possible, clean is good!  No finger prints or dust.

The sensor is attached to the board by 4 screws shown below.


The Low pass filter is attached to the top part of the sensor by a clip, removing this will expose the sensor so leave this until last.

You basically want to unscrew the sensor housing and place the filter on the board directly on top of the sensor.  (It should fit well.) If you get any dust on this try to blow it off with the compressed air.  (don’t blow the filter away!)

Wear gloves and don’t touch the sensor or filter with your will get finger prints on it!

I didn’t wear gloves and touched the I went through this stage twice.  🙁

IMG_0042 IMG_0043

The back of the lowpass filter housing should  be rectangular shaped, it should match the IR filter.

You may also want to bend the wire back a little, it makes it easier to quickly remove the sensor cover.

Do this step as quickly as possible in order to reduce the possibility of dust on the sensor.  Even a small particle of dust will usually show up on your photos..get it clean, and do it first time would be my recommendation.

Screw it back together (to hold your filter in place) and remove all the clip section.  The low pass filter will be gently attached by weak glue, you may need to peel it off.  There is also a thin piece of black film which serves no obvious purpose, I took this off too.

After that, reattach the metal clip as shown.



Don’t forget to remove the low pass filter!  The low pass filter blocks IR light so this is what you want to remove.


NB – If you want a full-spectrum camera, there is no need to insert an IR filter.

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2 thoughts on “Step 5”

  1. In stage 5 you don’t seem to have removed or show the hulking great (1.5mm thick) IR blocking filter and it’ s rubber-ring surround. You do show the much thinner (0.25mm) Low Pass and it’s frame clips etc.

    “The Low pass filter is attached to the top part of the sensor by a clip, removing this will expose the sensor so leave this until last”.

    eh?… it doesn’t it exposes the main IR blocker.

    Like the last pic here..

    Cheers. Mike

    1. Hey Mike, thanks for the comment.
      It has been a long time since I last opened up my j1, but looking back at some of the pictures I took at the time, it appears you are correct.
      I can’t for the life of me remember, but there is a filter stuck to the bottom of the plastic housing over the sensor.
      I had assumed it was an anti-aliasing filter (which I could well be wrong about) and I may not have removed it… My memory is hazy, if I get chance over the next week or so I will take it apart and have a look.

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