Step 3


Now you have the shield removed you can take a look at the main board.  For now we want to remove the two ribbon cables on the left, so flip up the little black tabs as shown and remove the whole LCD back section.

Here we can see the expeed processor in all its glory.

The cables that we are interested in are all at the top, ignore everything in the blue box below.

IMG_0021 copy

WARNING – It is probably a good idea not to poke around too much here, there is a capacitor somewhere holding a charge for the flash.. I am not sure of its location so if in doubt don’t touch.

Disconnect the large tab at the top as shown.


Remove the white tab as shown, it comes out with a horizontal tug, I used the tweezers to work it out.  Don’t pull on the cables, pull the plug!


You are then left with two cable attachments on the left, lift up the black tags and remove.  You will also find a third cable attachment under the larger ribbon at the top, remove this too.



When those are all removed, you need to unscrew the screw marked as below.  This will free the main board and allow it to swing out of the way.


Be a little careful not to lose this tab, it is not attached, and kind of just slots in.



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