Step 2

When all the screws are removed Carefully!! open the camera.  The LCD back panel will be connected by three ribbons on one side.



Open about an inch or so and careful disconnect the cable shown.  There is a little black tab that needs to be flipped up to enable the ribbon cable to slide out.


Once the first cable is unattached you should be able to access the back shield as shown.

The back shield is connected by 6 screws, only one of which (top right) is a little shorter than the others.


Be sure to note the 3 metal ‘tabs’ that are also connected to the three screws at the top left, bottom middle and bottom right.  You will need to put these back in the right place when you reassemble.

IMG_0011 IMG_0012


Carefully remove all 6 screws and set them aside for later.

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A Step by Step guide to convert your camera to infrared.